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Welcome to Springfield Handyman Services, a family handyman service in Massachusetts that provides quality home repair, home maintenance, home remodeling, and commercial handyman service in  Springfield, MA. If you’re here you’re probably looking for a reliable handyman with good prices. Well, we’re happy to be the number one search result in the area for quality of work, highly competitive prices, and unbeatable value. 

We provide services to both homeowners and businesses in our community on a daily basis. From home repair services like drywall repair, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and so on, to home improvement and remodeling. Whether it’s refinishing kitchen cabinets, a kitchen renovation, or bathroom renovations, you can count on us for it. On our list of regular clients are homeowners, contractors, property managers, realtors, and small business owners.

Below is a brief visual guide to give you a quick idea of all the services we provide. It’s not all-inclusive, so no need to worry if you don’t see your specific need or project listed. Those are just general service categories. Every client and project is different, and the great thing about using a handyman in the first place is that we get to provide highly personalized service at a fantastic price.

All potential projects begin with a Free Inspection & Estimate. That’s no charge to you whatsoever. Call us at 413-340-5260 (just click the number to dial if you’re on your phone), and we’ll get you all the info you need.

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Searching for family handyman, handyman near me, handyman in my area, or home repair near me? 

Folks call us to get quality home repair and home improvement without having to help pay a big company’s overhead expenses. At Go-To Handyman Springfield MA, it’s our goal to continue to build the breadth of our services while maintaining our unbeatable value.

Our number one goal is for you to be so satisfied with your project, that we’ll have earned your recommendation and repeat business for years. Some handyman services will leave you hanging, but we’ve been here for a while, and have no intention of going anywhere. We’re here to stay, and our reputation is very important to us.

Full Scale Handyman Services


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Homeowner handyman service needs vary widely, from Springfield home repair to remodeling. We routinely put in shelving, do renovations, gutter repair, painting, plumbing, roofing, and so on. From Honey-Do’s you just don’t have the time or desire to do to the more major remodeling, you can count on us for it. 

Property Managers

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Springfield Handyman Services routinely takes care of those recurring maintenance tasks and repairs that come along with any kind of house. Whether you’re getting it ready for renting or selling, we can take of those repair needs and prepare it for its new tenants. Just give us a call and get a free inspection and estimate.


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If you’re a contractor, few people around you truly have an idea of how many different things you’re juggling at any one time. Which is why we frequently do the warranty work for our contractor clients.  You get to focus on the bigger prize while we handle whatever little things come up from old projects. 

Projects of All Sizes

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As a handyman service, we provide a middle of the road kind of service that helps you get quality service at better prices than at big companies. We’re happy to take on smaller projects that could take 2-8 hours, but larger projects that take days are no problem either. That’s why handyman services are so awesome!

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Our Springfield Handyman Services

The best thing about hiring a handyman is that you save big time on project cost while still getting a skilled professional who customizes the work to your desires. Flexible services from professionals at affordable prices. That’s us!

Our professional craftsmen can handle projects of pretty much any size, and we mean that. Don’t be embarassed about calling us to do something for you that takes only an hour or two. We’re happy to take care of simple little tasks like changing a lighting fixture, installing some shelves, assembling furniture, replacing ceiling lights, and so on. We don’t mind doing the little tasks as well as the larger projects. That’s what we’re here for.

A great handyman is like a really handy friend. There’s no corporate structure to manage, no big boss breathing down everyone’s backs. It’s just a professional craftsman who can offer highly flexible and high quality services at great prices.

To reach us about your handyman needs, please call us at the number below.

Featured below is our visual reference of home repair, home remodeling, and more. If you’re a small business owner, all of these services are available to you too. It’s not a exhaustive list, so if there’s anything you need that’s not on there, just give us a call and ask us about it. We provide such a large variety of different services that it would be hard to list them all!  If you’re looking for affordable handyman services near me, give us a call. 

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Professional Handyman for Home Repair, Remodeling, and Everything Inbetween

Three Reasons to Choose Our Handyman Services in Springfield

1. Handyman Experts

We’ve been in this business for a while. We’ve got a lot of stores and we’ve seen a lot of situations. As a result, we’re pretty good at knowing what we’re dealing with, how much it might cost, and all that. When it comes to home repair, remodeling, and home maintenance, there’s not a lot we haven’t seen and done. Not a lot phases our guys anymore! And that’s what you want in a handyman: experience.

Many Springfield home repair projects are simply a natural byproduct of an aging house or being in a humid climate. That said, you can save a lot of time and money if you get a professional. We’ve lost count of all the remodeling projects and home maintenance projects that our professionals have been called in to fix and finish because someone hired an amateur. Over the years, this experience has given our team intimate understanding of common mistakes and pitfalls that amateurs make. As a result we’ve improved our own work and our service has never been better.

Unfortunately, spending a ton of money with a big company rarely guarantees good results either. Sometimes it’s just as bad as hiring an amateur for next to nothing. The big company has to pay many salaries and for their office building and so on, so while the work might be OK, you’re going to pay for much more than just the work.

That’s why we take so much pride in our position as the middle of the road option. Whether it’s something relatively simple like a drywall repair or something much more extensive like a renovation or remodel, you can count on us. You get quality work from professionals while saving a ton on the overhead costs. 

As always, our mission is to earn your glowing recommendation and business for years. You can count on us to provide great work with flexibility and great prices.

2. We're Springfield, Massachusetts LOCAL!

Handyman Services Springfield MA isn’t a giant corporation or even a regional branch of a national company. We’re a family handyman service, right here in town, that’s built a reputation and a place in this community. When you call us, you’re hiring a local handyman company that is rooted in our city. We live here, spend our money here, give to charities here, provide good jobs here, and earn our living here. And because we’re not a big company, our clients get to save on overhead and project cost big time.

3. #1 Overall VALUE

It’s not a coincidence that we rank so highly for handyman services in Springfield, MA. Our pro’s are reliable and hard working. It turns out our core values of honesty, integrity, and the value of a good day’s work are appreciated by all our clients over the years. We’ve been blessed with enough success to grow and expand over the years, offering a variety of quality handyman services at prices people can afford. That’s how we define value. The quality of the work we do at great prices with great service. Whether you need repair, have a small project, have a big project, or are looking for bathroom remodeling Springfield MA, we can do it! 

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Handyman for Home Repair, Remodeling, and More

Five Star Customer Service

A business lives or dies on its core values. We have three principles of business that have helped us get to where we are today. Honesty: Telling the truth even when its not the best for us. Integrity: Doing the right thing, even when it’s not the best thing for us. And lastly, the value and pride we can find in finishing a good day’s work. Without integrity, honesty, and a rock solid work ethic, you won’t last long in a business where relationships are important.

Flexible Services

Part of what makes a handyman the perfect solution to so many peoples’ home problems is that we’re so flexible. We get that everyone has different budgets, different needs, different wants. Even in broad service categories like handyman roofing, to home repair, remodeling, minor household services, fence construction or repair, deck or porch building, plumbing, or an electrical handyman service, so why should you pay the same rate as someone else? No matter what your specific project is, our team at handyman Springfield MA can handle it. 

A Handyman You Can Rely On

We totally get it when people look for a great deal. We do that all the time too. But when it comes to home repair or remodeling, and so on, there are just so many reasons to get an affordable professional over a complete amateur. 

Over the years we’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours cleaning up and fixing the mess these “deals” left behind for clients who were at their wits end. The unfortunate situation is that when you hire a dirt cheap service you get dirt cheap work. That’s fine if you don’t mind paying to have it re-done regularly, but for most of us we don’t want to do that. 

Those cheap results will show themselves with the peeling and curling paint, sagging doors, walls will sink, porch floor will rot, decks will fail and rot, drywall repair will look terrible, roof will leak, and on and on. 

Folks call us all the time to fix these deals for them. Our prices are great but if you add on the price of having to clean up, reset, and re do the bad work from the botch job, the deal we give just isn’t half as good a deal as it could have been if they had come to us to begin with. Better to get it done right the first time! And our rank tells the story, we’re the #1 handyman if you look up home repair near me or handyman services near me in Springfield!

Nobody wants to pay twice, so before you call a sub-par service, call us at 413-340-5260 and get a Free Inspection & Estimate. You’ll love our competitive prices, quality work, and reliable professionals.

Projects and Tasks of All Sizes

Some projects take days to weeks, some even longer. Others can take a few hours or just one day. We’re capable of handling the bigger, more sophisticated projects but we’re also happy to handle the small ones too. Need some shelves put in, patch a hole in the wall, fix the deck, add a rail, hang a light, replace a fixture, or change a faucet? We can do it. No task is too minor.

For a Free Inspection and Estimate, we’re available by phone at 413-340-5260

1. Handyman Home Repair Services

Home maintenance and repair covers a lot of different areas. Plumbing, electrical, window installation, remodeling, tiling, roofing, gutter repair, painting, tile and grout, door hanging or replacement, leaky roof fixing, staining and sealing, fence repair, and on and on. If you’re a homeowner or a property manager, you can count on us to be your handyman on call to handle any of these issues and problems like these that can come up. Our handyman home repair services are both affordable and reliable.

2. Home Remodeling

If you’re looking for home remodeling in Springfield MA, then look no further! Home improvement and remodeling (applies to offices and commercial locations too if you’re a small business owner) can include whatever you want it to. Often it involves things like bathroom remodel Springfield MA, a kitchen renovation, adding shelves and storage space, changing the cabinets or cabinet refinishing, replacing the counter top, updating backsplashes, replacing tubs, sinks, light fixtures, painting, new doors, new windows, and so on.  We love providing kitchen renovations Springfield.

3. Drywall

Drywall is fantastic and people love it with good reason. That said, it does tend to get damaged a bit easily, so we find ourselves heading to someone’s home or commercial location to do a patch job fairly often. We do drywall patching, texturing, painting, and blending. 

4. Electrical

We build porches (screened and open), decks, steps, ramps for accessibility, install shelving in homes and garages, and install trim and crown molding. Also available is water damage repair and rotted wood repair (we remove the rotted and damaged portions and repair it with fresh, treated lumber and materials mean to last and provide structural safety). For reliable electrical handyman services, just give us a call.

5. Carpentry

Electrical includes a lot of different things like installing or moving ceiling fans, changing light fixtures, installing new switches and outlets, adding dimmers, adding plugs, outdoor lighting, outdoor electrical access, and so on. 

6. Plumbing

Plumbing needs are usually sudden and urgent. We do a lot of quick calls for plumbing leaks and burst pipes. We also do supply/drain line replacements, faucet and fixture installations, sink replacements, tubs, showers, hot water heater replacement or installation, rerouting lines, adding extra lines, and more. 

7. Roofing

Our handyman roofing services in Springfield, MA provide the essentials like roof repair. We can install flashing, repair underlayment, patch leaky areas, and in some cases even provide full roofing replacement. Depending on availability we are also able to install sheet metal roofing. Please call us about our current roofing availability at 413-340-5260.

8. Painting (Interior and Exterior)

We do it all. Interior painting, exterior painting, and everything else. Just pick your colors and then pick up the phone to call us!

9. Pressure Washing (Call about availability)

Depending on availability we are happy to provide pressure washing services to the city of Springfield and the surrounding Massachusetts area. We can pressure wash driveways, houses, patios and patio furniture, masonry, bricks, vinyl siding, fences, and so on. When done properly, it’s a great way to protect surfaces from mildew and stains, and nothing else so cheap will make your house look newer and better taken care of faster. 

10. Household Services

Like we’ve said we do it all, so if you didn’t see what you need listed here just give us a call. Our household services include everything inbetween the other services like hanging mirrors, changing filters, adding locks, replacing door knobs, changing light bulbs, and much more. No task is too minor for us.

11. Fence Installation, Deck Building, Patios, and more

Our Springfield installation services cover brand new installation, removing old fences, fence repair, painting & staining, and more. We also build decks and patios, repair them, stain & paint them, and more. Fences and decks add a lot of value to a home, enhancing the enjoyment of your home, providing places for outside activities, providing security, safety, privacy, and style to your home. 

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Need a handyman? Our family handyman services are both flexible and reliable. Give us a call today to get your Free inspection and estimate

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“Go-To Handyman Springfield Mass did a great job for us. The best handyman in my area for sure!!” – Becky

“I bought a little fixer-upper rental house and it needed so many things I discovered it was gonna be too much for me to do by myself. Looked up handyman repair near me​ and found this awesome company. Strongly recommended.” – Paul

“Love the handyman roof repair services I’ve received from Go-To Handyman. Saved me tons of money and I recommend them highly.” – Robert

“If you need an urgent handyman or just a handyman on call, give Go-To a call. They rock.” – Ben

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